A Comparative study between Swenson abdominoperineal pull through and Transanal, full thickness, Swenson like approach with or without laparotomy for Hirschsprung disease

Khalid Mahmud1, AR Khan2, MK Islam3, M Rashedul Alam4, Sabbir Karim5 Arman Hosain6,
Anamul Islam7

: Hirschsprung’s disease (HD) present with functional intestinal
obstruction at the level of aganglionosis due to developmental disturbances in the
enteric nervous system. Different operative techniques with individual advantages
and disadvantages are existing to treat HD.
Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate the better outcome between Transanal
full thickness swenson like pull through with or without laparotomy and Swenson
Abdominoperineal pull through.
Methods: A prospective comparative study had been carried out in the division of
pediatric surgery, Dhaka shishu (Children) Hospital during the period of January
2014 to January 2016. Total 56 patients with HD patients were included in the study
irrespective of colostomy except major co-morbidities and total colonic aganglionosis.
Patients were allocated in both groups by random sampling. Twenty eight patients
were allocated in Group-A and operated by Swenson abdominoperineal pull through
and 28 patients were allocated in group-B and operated by Transanal, full thickness,
swenson like procedure with or without laparotomy.


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