A Review of Complementary Feeding Practices in 6-23 Months’ Children: A Worldwide Challenge

Manzoor Hussain1, Reaz Mobarak2, M. Karim Khan3, Ranjit Basak4, Mahmmod A. Chowdhury
Arzu5, Muazzem Hussain6, Abdul Hai7, Md. SanaulHaque Mia8, Shafiqur Rahman9,
Fazlul Haque10, Saifur Rahman11, Maksudur Rahman12, Osman Bhuiyan13, Md. Sirajul Islam14,
Md. Rafiqul Islam15

Background and objective
The first five years of life demands adequate nourishment to support a child’s growth and
development and is a pillar to the child’s future. In Bangladesh, the condition of adherence to the Infant
and Young Child Feeding (IYCF)*guidelines has remained much below optimal, as evidenced from
multiple national level reports. According to the Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey (BDHS)–
2014,average 23% of the young children are appropriately fed during the complementary feeding


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