Aseptic Meningitis and Acute Mumps Associated Parotitis

Mohammed Reaz Mobarak1, Nabila Akand2, Rafiqul Islam3, Kazi Zahidul Huq4, AKM Tajuddin Bhuiyan5, Ferdousi Begum6

Introduction: The classic “Mumps” is known as a viral parotitis caused by mumps
virus belonging to the genus Rubula virus in the Paramyxoviridae family.
Case Presentation: We reviewed six patients diagnosed with aseptic meningitis due
to acute mumps associated parotitis based on clinical scenario and minimum
laboratory finding(e.g. complete blood count) as specific investigations such as
Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) or detection of Mumps specific IgG/IgM facilities
are still not commonly available in Bangladesh. While there are many similarities
between the clinical characteristics of classic mumps and acute non-mumps associated
parotitis, some significant differences exist. In addition, there are some important
differences between aseptic meningitis associated with mumps parotitis and aseptic
meningitis associated with non-mumps parotitis.
Discussion: Appropriate testing for the most likely causative pathogens including
PCR or ELISA of serum or CSF is indispensable for accurate diagnosis. Therefore in
the developing countries like us where standard laboratory resources are mostly
unavailable regarding virus isolation through PCR or virus specific investigation
tools, careful history taking and meticulous physical examinations along with viral
infection specificcomplete blood counts can guide us to diagnose the mumps with
aseptic meningitis cases.
Conclusion: MR vaccine has already been introduced in the EPI schedule by the
government since 2012 but MMR vaccine instead would be more appropriate for the
prevention of mumps virus related complications.
Keywords: Mumps, Parotitis, Meningitis, Aseptic

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