Causes of Hypertension Among Adolescents in A Tertiary Hospital of Bangladesh

Hossain Sahid Kamrul Alam1, Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun2, Manzoor Hussain3

Background: High blood pressure in children and adolescents is a growing health
problem that is often overlooked by physicians.The current prevalence of hypertension
in children is estimated to be about 1-5%, with higher rates among minority
adolescents. Primary or essential hypertension is more common in adolescents and
has multiple risk factors, including obesity and a family history of hypertension.
Early detection and intervention in children and adolescents with hypertension are
potentially beneficial in preventing long-term complications of hypertension.
Methods: This retrospective study was carried out among the patients admitted
under the department of adolescent pediatric medicine, Dhaka Shishu (Children)
Hospital, over a period of 1 year & 6 months from 01st October 2015 to 31st March
Results: Among 54 study population, male were 40(74.07%) and female 14(25.93%)with
male female ratio 2.9:1.Among the adolescents 61.11% were from urban area and
38.89% were from rural. Most of the adolescent presented with AGN 25(46.30 %)
followed by Nephritic Nephrotic Syndrome 9(16.67%), Obesity related HTN 7(12.97%),
HSP with nephritis 5(9.26%), Nephrotic Syndrome 3(5.56%), GBS with HTN 2(3.7%),
Renal artery stenosis 2(3.7%), Essential Hypertension 1(3.7%).
Conclusion: Hypertension is a growing health problem among adolescents. Much
higher incidence of secondary hypertension is seen among adolescents. Renal
parenchymal diseases and obesity accounts for most of the secondary hypertension.
Key words: Hypertension, adolescents.

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