Congenital heart diseases & paediatric cardiac care in Bangladesh

M Hussain

Paediatric cardiac care in Bangladesh is still in its
infancy and in the way of expansion. Though, cardiac
care facilities for adults in Bangladesh have made
remarkable advancement during the last decade. But,
there still exists inadequate facility in Bangladesh
for paediatric cardiac care. There are no separate
paediatric cardiac centres, which can give
comprehensive care to patients. Even, there is no
complete and sole paediatric cardiac centre for
training of post-graduate doctors intending to make
career in Paediatric Cardiology. Because of lack of
facility and awareness, there is increased morbidity
and mortality. Resource limitation adds on to the
magnitude of this problem. Though there are few
private adult cardiac centres catering services to the
paediatric patients, but these are beyond the reach
of majority of the population.

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