Correlation of Blood Gas Status with the Mortality of Neonates Admitted in ICU

Mir Mohammad Yusuf1, Md. Jahangir Alam2, Manzoor Hussain3, MAK Azad Chowdhury4

Objective: To study the correlation between blood gas status and mortality of neonates
admitted in ICU.
Methods: This observational study was carried out at the ICU of Dhaka Shishu
(Children) Hospital (DSH) from January 2014 to July 2014. Total 121 neonates were
enrolled according to inclusion criteria and analyzed their blood gas status which
were correlated with the mortality of neonates.
Results: Perinatal asphyxia was common disorder with the highest mortality in
neonate followed by sepsis and pneumonia. Significant association between mortality
with lower pH, PC02 and higher base deficit was observed. Metabolic acidosis was
the most common acid-base disorder.
Conclusion: Low pH, PC02 & more base excess are predictor of mortality in this
group of neonate. Initial acid-base derangement significantly correlates with the
mortality of critically ill neonates requiring ICU care.
Keywords: Blood gas analysis, mortality, neonate

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