Immediate Outcome of Pneumonia in 2 to 12 Months Old Infants with Congenital Heart Disease: A Case Control Study

Shaoli Sarker1, Manzoor Hussain2, Md. Abu Sayeed3, Abu Sayed Munshi4, Dilruba Ibrahim
Dipti5, M Mizanur Rahman6

Background: Infants with congenital heart disease (especially with left to right shunt)
have repeated respiratory tract infections which gradually evolve to pneumonia.
Because of increased awareness of parents and provision of better diagnostic tools,
these infants are being identified of having congenital heart disease early in life. But
pneumonia remains as a great challenge for their survival before corrective procedure
for their cardiac defects.
Objective: To ascertain the outcome of pneumonia in 2 to 12 months old infants
with congenital heart disease in comparison to the infants without congenital heart
disease of same age.


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