Impact of nutrition education to the mother on nutritional status of hospitalized malnourished children

AZMM Azam1, MJ Alam2, AAM Kurshed3, MAH Bhuyan4


Background: Nutrition education to mothers of the malnourished children is one
of the important factors to improve the nutritional status of their children by creating
nutritional awareness and by eradicating misconceptions about food.
Objective: To educate the mother about proper nutrition and evaluate its impact on
nutritional status of their children.
Methods: Mothers of 114 hospitalized under– five malnourished children were included
in this study who were randomly selected and equally divided in to two groups (case
and control) by lottery. Demographic characteristics of mothers were recorded in a
standard questionnaire. The nutritional status of the children was assessed both
clinically and biochemically, initially at the time of enrollment and again after six
Results: Among the 114 malnourished under five children weight for age, weight for
height and height for age of case group having < -2SD showed reduction after six
months from 54% to 44% (p=0.008, significant), 21% to 8.8% (p=0.00, significant) and
35% to 10% respectively. But results of control group did not show any significant
improvement. Before nutritional education 60% children were severely malnourished
which was reduced to 33% after 6 months of nutritional education but in control
group it reduced only from 77% to 65%. In terms of wasting and stunting also there
was a significant impact on nutritional status, it reduced from 35% to 10% and 21%
to 9% respectively. Children of case group having anaemia also showed reduction
from 88% to 27% (p=0.000, significant) but in control group from 74% to 62% only.
Conclusion: The present study revealed that nutrition education to the mothers of
under five hospitalized malnourished children result significant positive impact on
overall nutritional status of their children.

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