Outcome of Infants of Diabetic Mothers Admitted in CMH, Dhaka

Nure Ishrat Nazme1, Mohammad Yeasin1, Jesmin Sultana2, Nurun Nahar Fatema3


Background: There is a high prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Bangladesh.
Gestational DM (GDM) carries very high risks for the mother and the child. In different
studies, there are diversity of neonatal outcomes due to GDM. So, main aim of this
study is to observe the outcome of infants of diabetic mothers (IDMs) admitted to
Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka.
Objective: To determine the outcome of infants of diabetic mothers (IDMs) admitted
in CMH, Dhaka.
Methodology: This cross sectional observational study was carried out in Combined
Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka from January 2015 to December 2015. All infants
born to diabetic mothers and presented within 24 hours to the neonatal unit, CMH
Dhaka were included in the study. All the babies were kept to the neonatal intensive
care unit (NICU) for observation. Maternal history was obtained from all included
patients and a detailed physical examination was performed. Those having any
maternal risk factor or neonatal complication during observation were admitted to
NICU for further investigations. All admitted babies were screened for pathological,
biochemical and other complications. Outcome of IDMs and relative frequencies of
various complications were evaluated. Results were analyzed using statistical package
for social sciences (SPSS) version 17.


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