Postgraduate courses/training in paediatrics and child health

1. FCPS in paediatrics : Twice in a year, in the months of January and July.
2. Recognized center by BCPS for training in FCPS (Paeditric surgery) .
3. Recognized centre for course and training in different subspeciality as: Neonatology,pediatric Nephrology,
paediatric haematology and Onchology, paediatric pulmonology and paediatric Neuroscience.
3. MD/MS in paediatrics : Part I: In the month of January every year; 2nd and 3rd parts twice every year.
4. DCH course : Once in a year in the month of July.
5. Three months certificate course : The institute every year runs 3 months certificate course on paediatrics
for general practitioners & other post graduate candidates e.g. MCPS.
(Ist August – 31st October)
6. Training programme on IMCI (Integrated management of childhood illness), Essential Newborn Care
for doctors and nurses. KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) traing, ETAT (Emmergency Triage, Assessment
and Treatment) training.


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