Utility of Targeted /Functional Neonatal Echocardiogram to Enhance Cardiovascular Care: An Update

Rezoana Rima1, Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun2

Cardiovascular assessment of critically ill neonate using monitoring of blood pressure
(BP) or poorly validated clinical signs such as capillary refill time or heart rate alone
is insufficient to decide on the most physiologically relevant therapy. Functional
echocardiograph is the bedside use of cardiac ultrasound to monitor rapidly changing
neonatal hemodynamic status including cardiac function and systemic and pulmonary
blood flow in critically ill preterm and term neonates and guide therapeutic decisions.
It should be considered an extension of the physical assessment and not a replacement
for a complete echocardiography evaluation of cardiac structure. This review examines
the potential usefulness of functional echocardiography in different disease states,
and how the technology may be introduced safely in the NICU.

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