Vol 26 | No. 01 | June 2010

1 Congenital heart diseases & paediatric cardiac care in Bangladesh
M Hussain
3 Severe pneumonia in children and its association with feeding practice
MM Rahman, M Hussain, MAA Mamun, R Mobarak, MS Hoque
8 Hearing level of children from 60-144 months: A study of 1000 cases
MS Hoque, MS Islam, MM Rahman, R Mobarak, MS Islam, A Noor
15 Does restricted fluid administration can prevent Syndrome of Inappropriate ADH Secretion (SIADH) in neonate?
MM Hossain, MAA Mamun, M Shirin, A Qader, MNA Hasan
20 Impact of nutrition education to the mother on nutritional status of hospitalized malnourished children
AZMM Azam, MJ Alam, AAM Kurshed, MAH Bhuyan
26 Cytomegalovirus (CMV) antibody level in the high risk newborns and in their mothers
A Jahan, MM Hoque, S Sharmin, MAKA Chowdhury
30 Percutaneous renal biopsy in renal unit of Dhaka Shishu Hospital: A 7-year experience
F Ahmed, M Hanif, AK Ghosh, MA Rouf, MMU Quader, NK Sarker, MJ Alam
36 Impact of electrolyte disturbances in outcome of acute diarrhoea in children
JA Begum, MM Hoque, M Hussain, MNA Hasan, MH Molla
41 Role of Beclomethasone Dipropionate in inhalation form in reducing relapse in patients with frequent relapsing nephrotic syndrome with wheeze
AK Ghosh, F Ahmed, I Jahan, PK Sarker, M Hanif
46 Oxygen therapy in children
S Khanum, MA Haqq, MR Amin
49 Dengue fever – a review
HSK Alam, M Rahman, PK Sarker, MR Islam
53 Neglected foreign body in lower oesophagus with an unusual presentation- “A case report”
I Jahan, K Rokonuddin, L Parveen, MR Amin
56 Midgut malrotation with hypocalcemic tetany – a most unusual scenario
TB Jagzape, BB Lakhkar, AC Lohakare, N Karande
60 Abstract from current literature
62 Dhaka Shishu Hospital (DSH) Past & Present
63 Bangladesh Institute of Child Health (BICH) News
64 Postgraduate courses/training in paediatrics and child health
65 Students qualified from Bangladesh Institute of Child Health
66 Seminars, Symposiums, Workshop, CME / CPD